Thursday, October 14, 2010

Chocolate Cake

Yesterday was my birthday. The kids didn't really appreciate that I wanted them to be extra good, but they tried. Well, maybe Porter tried. Maybe. In any case, it seemed that I wanted a big piece of chocolate cake more than well behaved children, and decided to try a recipe I've been meaning to try forever. It's a local recipe, originally from a restaurant here (the Fiddlehead) that doesn't even exist anymore. But it seems to pop up all over town at potlucks. The North Douglas Chocolate Cake.

And oh my God, it was so worth it. Nothing fancy, just a chocolate layer cake. But it turned out so moist and perfect that even Bryce was impressed. And he's not really a dessert person. I think it's going to be my birthday cake recipe from now on, and I highly recommend you try it. It's not hard at all. I made it just as directed except that I needed a little more milk in the icing to make it spreadable. That could just have been me though.

Another beautiful thing also made its way into my birthday celebration.

I have a thing for this cookware. It is so lovely. But again, that might also just be me.


  1. Yay! It's gorgeous! It matches my frying pan, maybe we can share :) I love the North Douglas Chocolate Cake recipe. No other cake holds a candle next to it.

  2. Love my Le Creuset 6qt dutch oven, perfect roast (insert meat) every time.

    Your gift is still sitting here waiting to go in the mail.

  3. Have the cookbook, never tried the cake - now I must. Thanks for the recommendation. And happy birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday, Jessy!!! I miss you. I only bake cakes 3 times a year, and at least two of those times it's N. Douglas chocolate. Your LeCreuset is lovely! I oohed out loud. So see, it's not just you.

  5. Hello, I should introduce myself as I have been reading your blog and enjoy seeing what other families on the other side of the world do. Feel free to come see my blogs, I have one where I post photos of this little island in the middle of the mediterranean sea that I call home and the other is all about my family and what we're up to . Have a good week :)

    p.s. love the cookware