Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Thanksgiving Report

Thanksgiving, how I forgot ye already.  We slaughtered the turkey, thank goodness, as I was starting to feel kind of sorry for it and its best friend the mirror.  Turned out to be not too difficult (at least from what I could see behind the sliding glass door while Bryce did it).  The kids were a little sad, but not for long.  They knew what the turkey was for, and the girls were kind of scared of it in the end (turkeys get as big as toddlers).  She was 25 pounds cleaned, and made a magnificent feast.

My parents and sister's family came for the long weekend, so we had a full house.  Kids ran wild and much food was consumed.  We had plans to hire a professional photographer to get a picture of all eleven of us, but delayed flights and bad weather made sure that didn't happen.  So instead we got this slightly awkward (note to self, don't put the guys behind the couch) family photo without my mom.  Some day, right?

As a side note, it just took me 24 hours and the installation of google chrome to get this dang picture to show up.  I know I'll be glad to have this record of our life twenty years from now, but occasionally it just feels like a huge time suck during which the girls stare blankly at the iPad.  Moving on.

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  1. The picture makes me laugh. It's probably good I wasn't in it, but I hope that we can actually get a picture of all of us sometime. We had a GREAT time.