Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy Birthday Porter

January 6.  I'm a little late.  School has started again, and the seemingly month long binge of meat and cake and no exercise or discernible sleep habits is finally over!  I think I have a near toxic accumulation of sugar and booze working its way out of my system, but good times were had for sure.  So this begins my week of catch up blog posts.  And there is a lot to catch up on.  First things first:

Porter turned eight years old.  It seems fitting and crazy at the same time, and I am so grateful for where he is in his life.  It doesn't feel like that long ago where I was worried about potty training and preschool, and now he is so independent and smart and big.  I took the kids to the library the other day and while I was chasing the girls around and trying to find them books, Porter was nowhere to be seen.  But it wasn't a big deal!  I knew he didn't wander off into traffic or get lost.  He knows how to use the computer and read and find the books he's interested in.  And eventually he came back with a big stack and checked them out with his own library card.  And I saw the future!  Where I wasn't constantly checking diapers and counting heads and yelling at someone to use their inside voice.  And I just had to give him a hug.

So happy birthday Porter man.  We love you more and more every single day.

A big thanks to Mikaela for the awesome picture, and to the best group of boys ever for making Porter's birthday party so much fun.  And yes, that is a Skylanders portal of power birthday cake yo.

This has also been a season of babies amongst my friends far and wide.  Big congratulations to Lise and Emily, I am so excited for your new adventures!  And Mary, we are waiting on news any day.  Good luck girl!

And Happy New Year to all.

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