Thursday, September 26, 2013

No Me and the Visible Friends

As our resident two year old and third child, Cedar has lately become much better about letting us know her every desire.  This consists mostly of loud declarations of no me.  No me!  Meaning, I would like to put on my shoes, even though it takes a painstaking 10 minutes and we are already late.  I would like to buckle my own car seat, even though I actually can't, but noooooo meeeeee (insert stiff as a board pose).  No me!  I can pour that full two gallon bottle of juice into a tiny cup.  Sigh.  This is such a cute age, except for the completely incompetent independence thing. 

My favorite thing about no me though, is its lesser used other meaning.  This is when Molly or Porter gets in trouble, and Cedar sidles up quietly.  She puts on her cute face and sing songs no meeeee.

Also, Molly has lately invented a troupe of imaginary friends.  This morning they were lined up 14 deep outside the front door waiting to play with her.  Or so I hear.  She calls them her visible friends.  Which amusingly drives Porter totally insane.  He keeps telling her, don't you get it?  That means you can see them!  To which Molly gives him a blank stare and carries on.  I'm all for friends.  Visible or not.

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