Monday, September 16, 2013

More Updates

Another series of updates in which I quit feeling guilty about not blogging.

We had a wonderful visit from Grandma Allison.  We ate too much pizza, but also hiked up a mountain.  And she took some pictures of us as a family, which never happens.

Also, Cedar was cute.

I ran in the Klondike Road Relay race.  It was exhausting and amazingly fun, and I took a two night trip out of town with only grown ups.  Woot.

Bryce and Porter are commercial salmon fishing with a friend right now, which is a male bonding experience that I'm so glad Porter gets to have.  Bryce was a commercial fisherman of a different sort back in the day, and even though this is a smaller (and safer!) kind of trip, it's a good one for them to be on.

With the boys out of town, Molly had a sleep-over with her best friend Kate.  They are four.  They didn't sleep.  I got kind of cranky about it.  But they were cute.

We just went through the post sleep-over day of hell and crying and hour long tantrums over I want to zip up the pajamas.  No you do it.  Nooooooooo.  And the house is quiet and I'm all alone.  And I'm out.  Peace.

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  1. So glad to have the time with all of you! Glad the photos turned out, I think there are a few keepers among them!