Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Week(s) in Review

I missed a lot on here!  We had visitors!  My mom, my sister, her family.  Lots of fun and lots of exhaustion.

We tried to take group photos.  It was hard.

Easter happened.  There were eggs.

I ran my first 10k.  It went pretty well.  And I got to have my sister cheer me on, even though the weather was fairly lacking.

Also this, just because.

And on this Easter-ish note, Porter officially does not believe in Santa or the Easter bunny or any other mythical gift giver.  He has recently been taking great pride in pointing out all the things we said were from Santa, but were really from yoooouuuuuuu.  He seems to be happy to be in on this secret though, and I think he has finally realized that he has to stop talking about it in front of his sisters.  I've been suspecting these thoughts from him for a while, and really, I enjoy not having to fake it for him anymore.  But it is one more way that he is growing up.  And there is no stopping it.


  1. I told our kids that the Easter Bunny does not exist because I hate all the candy. And they still believe in the Easter Bunny despite what i tell them. Maybe believing in the Easter Bunny is sort of like politics - you simply have to believe in the party line. Patrick

  2. Actually I should add that Easter and the whole bunny and candy thing REALLY got me down this year. I'm not proud of it but I threatened to station our dogs at the doors to keep the bunny out. And to shoot the bunny if I saw him/her (I guess it's a her if it leaves eggs right?). They cried a bit and even after I told them the bunny was made up they still kept on believing. .. .. Patrick

    1. Ha! This made me laugh a lot. I think you're right though, kids just believe what they want to. Kind of like adults. Good luck with the bunny.