Friday, April 12, 2013

Sweet Birthday Cedar

Today is Cedar's second birthday.  I didn't tell her (not that she really gets it yet) though.  Bryce is out of town, and we are going to celebrate this weekend.  And if the big kids knew we were delaying, I'd never hear the end of it.  They've been telling her for days that she gets presents and cake on her birthday, and it just sounds like a big mess to confuse everyone.  So it's been my little secret today, which is sweet in a way.  I let her pick out some new shoes and the girls got cake pops at Starbucks while we were shopping.  They thought they had just begged long enough I guess.

So the true birthday pictures will come later.  But here is my baby, my last baby, on the first day of her second year on this earth.  With many more to come.

Happy Birthday Cedar!  We love you more each day.


  1. Happy Birthday, beautiful girl!
    I love you so much!!!!!

  2. Happy birthday to my sweet little granddaughter!
    Love you bunches!
    Grammy A

  3. Hello Jessy!
    Happy birthday to your little Cedar, she's so cute!
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