Monday, January 7, 2013

The End

Of winter break that is.  And today I am really, really sad about it.  Despite the few days of birthday and Christmas craziness, it was a quiet and mellow two weeks.  The kids slept in every single day (sometimes until 9 or later), we didn't leave the house much except to go skiing, and we just honestly relaxed. 

It wasn't that long ago that Porter was starting kindergarten, and I was gratefully looking forward to how much easier my life would be when one of my children was at school for a big part of the day.  And it is still easier in some ways when he isn't at home.  But waking up before the dawn and dealing with lunches and homework and driving everyone around to their sports and social lives, that's exhausting too.  A few weeks at home with my family and not much to do was just perfect.  Maybe minus the part where we got a babysitter, and Porter threw up all over the floor.

I think it also means we are approaching the end of the baby years.  The years of pregnancy and no sleep and little ones of constant need.  I am seeing the future.  And it looks pretty damn sweet.



  1. Usually we sort have parallel family lives, but on this post we diverge. Back to school for us was a HUGE break, and, I think, even a welcome change for our kids. We did have snow and skiing through Christmas, but after that it started to rain and blow. And all inside activity with no skiing got VERY old pretty quick. Bored kids and ennui. Our stay-cation got a little ugly. We're thinking Cost Rica or some such warm place for long holidays next time. Patrick

    1. Sorry for the cabin fever! Yuck. At least since we have downhill skiing, it is almost always okay up there, even if it is raining in town. I sure will be glad when we are not going to school in the dark!

  2. We got good snow up at our 'pass' too. Good downhill and good cross country. I skate skiied for an hour and a half today! But down in town it is blah. .. .. Maybe I'll take the kids sledding up at the pass this weekend. Patrick