Thursday, January 24, 2013

On Skiing and Talking

Porter and Molly are both taking skiing lessons every weekend right now.  Molly is still in the beginning stages of her skiing career, and a lot of it centers around hot chocolate and snow angels.  She does like the actual skiing part, a lot, until all of a sudden she totally doesn't.  And it's all over in a puddle of tears.  It's like this though with little ones, and she's having fun.

Porter however, has made giant strides, I think just in the past couple of months.  He skis a lot with Bryce, and the two of them like to challenge themselves.  Something I'm a little more leery to do.  Porter and I also get a bit of time to go skiing together on occasion, and last Saturday morning was one of those times.  I decided to let him take me on a run, as he knows parts of the mountain better than I do.  And I realized about halfway down that at seven years old, he is definitely better than me.  Before he may have just been more courageous, but now he officially surpasses me in ability too.  I have a feeling that some day, the four other members of my family will be tearing it up together while Mom is enjoying her leisurely ride down the mountain.  But I'm okay with that.

I've also noticed that Porter is way more excited about the whole thing this year.  He always wants to go, barely sits through lunch in the lodge, and begs for one more run at the end of the day.  It's neat to see him so involved in something, and I remarked to Bryce the other day about it.  Then I mentioned that it's also really nice that we both get quality one on one time with Porter too now.  And he said that's probably part of the reason he likes it so much.  Win, win, all around.

On another note, Cedar has finally started talking to us.  Her favorite word is fish.  Often dead fish.  You just never know what they will pick up on.  She also follows me around all day with various articles of clothing (bathing suits, my underwear, dirty socks) demanding dressed, dressed, dressed.  I think my two girls are going to get along famously one day.


  1. I'm jealous! My kids are most definitely not up on the mountain skiing with me. They cross country ski when we have snow - but no downhill to date. I think they could go down the hill on skis but the climbing up on skis would be hard. This is my big worry- what if my kids don't like skiing? You are VERY lucky.


    1. Patrick, it's a lot easier for us since we have chairlifts. I don't think my kids could hike with skis either! Actually, I know they couldn't. You just have a little longer to wait, but I'm sure they will be hooked some day too.