Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Good Bye Big Red

Our sick chicken didn't make it.  I'm not sure what caused it to be sick, but she seemed miserable.  I'm relieved, it felt like a sad thing to keep her alive any longer.  The chickens aren't exactly pets to us on the level of our dog, but I am still fond of them.  And I was a little sad at the passing. 

What surprised me was how much my kids really didn't care.  I mean, they were nice about it, but definitely were not sad.  I guess when you eat a couple chickens, it sort of puts those animals in a whole separate class.  Also, they are young.  Molly told me, "when I was a chicken, I died too." 

So long Big Red. 

And then there were three.


  1. I actually think kids are born carnivores. I am always amazed by their callous nature. We recently had a deeply disturbing double murder here on kodiak and I was trying to explain to the kids when it is or is not right to kill something. They were totally confused. I tried to explain that it is never right to kill a human - even if he/she is robbing you. But the kids asked about deer. They had a hard time seeing the difference between deer and humans. But then again they have no problems about 'shooting deer'. Go figure. I eat and Kill deer but I do think about it. Perhaps I should have grown up in a household where procuring one's own meat was the norm (i grew up in a Safeway meat type family). Patrick

    1. We have discussions about those differences too. Last summer when we were fishing, Molly used to yell out, "catch it, kill it, eat it!" And then laugh her head off. I know some kids are really sensitive to that stuff, but I guess ours are not! I am hoping when they are older, they will gain more of an appreciation for hunting for food.