Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Molly came out of the bathroom after being in there for way, way too long.  I noticed her lengthy stay, but I just didn't want to know or deal with it.  She told me, don't worry Mom, the sink will drain I promise.

I went to see an old friend the other day, and we were catching up on my kids.  I told him that Porter was in kindergarten and Molly was in preschool now.  He said, "so you're just staying home with the baby?" 

And I feel like that pretty much sums up life right now.  Constant needs from all corners, and no outside evidence that any progress is being made.

But!  There is also a lot of fun.  I having started skiing again, with Porter and taking women only lessons on the weekends.  It is great to do something for myself, and I'm actually finding that I'm enjoying it even more than I used to.  No longer being concerned with my skills or my ability to keep up with buddies has its benefits I guess.

Molly loves her ballet class.  And it turns out (not surprisingly) that preschool ballet is the home of absolutely unbearable cuteness.  I really can't get enough.

Cedar is almost 10 months old, and still does not crawl, let alone walk.  I thought that being the third child would give her a leg up on physical milestones, but what do I know.  She is content to sit and smile and have us bring her all the entertainment.  She really is a delightful, easy baby that charms us every day.

And Porter and Bryce are on a boys-only road trip to the big city of Alaska.  They have traveled in search of a vehicle that will end my constant cursing of a back seat expertly not designed to hold three car seats.  And they have succeeded!  I am grateful for my chance to be totally functional and very uncool.

Finally, if you want to impress your kids, check this out.  A candle from a Clementine!  It works!  My kids were amazed at my skills.  Porter asked me reverently if I learned that in high school.

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