Monday, June 27, 2011

First With Five

This weekend we ventured out of our comfort zone and had a couple of firsts as a family of five. On Saturday we went out to eat for the first time since Cedar was born, where kids outnumbered adults. It wasn't exactly relaxing or fun, but it wasn't horrible either. We even had a nice 15 minutes or so at the beginning with all the kids behaving nicely and being quiet, where we could chat and think highly of ourselves for handling it all so well. And then I had to go on a 10 minute walk with the baby to keep her from crying. And Molly lost her ability to sit in her seat or even be a human being, so Bryce had to exit the scene early and let her run around outside. But we all got to eat, albeit quickly. And we are lucky that Porter is old enough to just sit and color and not be difficult at restaurants anymore for the most part. I don't really think it was worth the money, but I also don't think we drove anyone else crazy. So I'd call it a success.

On Sunday I left Bryce at home with all three kids for several hours, right at Cedar's fussy time of day. I wouldn't exactly call that one a success as the report is she wouldn't take the bottle and cried pretty much the whole time. To his credit though, I received no phone calls or texts, and had a fabulous time getting out of the house unencumbered. And nobody starved or needs therapy. Yet.


  1. isn't motherhood just the best... I never thought the grocery store would ever be my savior at times... LOL it's worth it tho...

  2. I love your description of dinner out....sounds like when we go out!! It just gets better and easier as the kids get older. now Patrick and I look at eachother at the end of a meal out and say, "Wow--was that almost 'enjoyable'?" instead of "survivable" or "tolearable". :) Zoya

  3. I love your descriptions of a family of 5. They made me smile and nod my head. It gets easier, I swear. And could that picture of Cedar be any cuter?? All worth it.