Monday, April 4, 2011


I have a friend who is pregnant right now as well, and she told me the other day that she'd been craving eggplant and spinach. And I've been thinking that her baby is really, really lucky since all I've been craving is chocolate and Haagen Dazs Blueberry Crumble ice cream. This weekend, we had a severe lack of chocolate (in any decent eatable form) in the house, so I tried a couple of new recipes from this website.

The first was homemade chocolate peanut butter cups. These were incredibly easy and so, so good. I only made a half batch, which I instantly regretted as the three other members of my household gobbled them up. I used butter instead of shortening in the chocolate mixture, and they turned out perfect.

The second was oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. I really like this recipe, it is super full of oats, and would be good with raisins and nuts as well.

We're still working on these, but I don't think they'll last all that long. This weekend Bryce also started building Molly a new, big girl bed. No time like the last minute to build furniture! She is really excited about it, and it's going to look very nice once we move the crib out of her room.

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