Friday, April 15, 2011

And then there were five

We are settling into life here as a larger family. It really helps that my mom is here, allowing me to spend much of my day resting and nursing. Cedar has been a very mellow baby so far, and pretty much looks like this picture all day long. I know she is going to wake up at some point soon, and I'm trying to enjoy this stage as much as I can.

I don't have time for a whole birth story yet, but being at home has been such a blessing this time. We have eased into life with a new baby in such a smooth and peaceful way. And Cedar seems to appreciate being surrounded by familiar people and sounds, she seems soothed by it all, even the craziness.

I am infinitely glad to not be pregnant any more, to sleep on my back and to enjoy a beer. I still am amazed by this new life in front of me, and knowing she is my last, I find myself wishing she would stay this tiny forever. Her newborn baby smell and little gassy smiles even make me a little teary (I'm sure the hormones don't help either).

And to answer many a question, Bryce actually came up with the name Cedar. It really fits him and our family and I love it. Her middle name is after a friend of ours, although I also love the meaning. It's different than our other kids' names, less traditional I guess, we'll have to see if she goes by a less traditional route in life as well.

And finally a HUGE thank you to my wonderful midwife Debbie and her assistant Abbey. And thanks to my mom and Jennifer for taking so many pictures!


  1. She's beautiful and the name is really growing on me. Can't wait to see more pictures and meet the little lady soon!

  2. Congratulations. You two make some pretty babies!

  3. Such a sweet photo. Congratulations again. Enjoy all of those new baby snuggles!

  4. Welcome to the Family of Five club! So glad to know I'm in such great company.

    Can't wait to hear your birth story, but I have lots of patience. Enjoy that sweet baby girl and adjusting to your larger family. Hugs to you all!