Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Cedar for the Win

Last week was spring break here in Alaska, and we had no plans.  Unlike the other half of the entire state that seems to leave for Hawaii and parts more glorious.  But I was happy to just lay low and sleep in.  It also seemed like a good time to potty train Cedar.  She's pretty much past the age that the other two were doing it, and she was excited.  After eight years of changing diapers, I'm ready to move on.  I've done this thing twice already, I'm a pro, right?  Fast forward to five days later.  Really not a single success.  That child just will not use the toilet.  Chocolate, toys, movies, walking around in wet clothes.  Wanting to be a big girl and go to preschool.  Nothing.  And by the end, I was getting kind of worried about her as she was holding it for like 12 hours at a time and getting constipated and we were all miserable.  So I gave up.  Put her back in diapers.  And I suppose as a third time mother to a toddler, I certainly haven't learned much about potty training.  But I have learned when to let it go, and I will live to fight this battle another day.

And luckily, after several days of cleaning pee off the floor and far, far too many wrestling beat downs in the living room, we got some nice weather.  And some awesome skiing.  Redemption for sure.


  1. I want to kiss those rosy cheeks!

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