Saturday, November 17, 2012

Same Old Thing

Head lice seems to be a thing of the past for us, although every time someone scratches their head, you will find me picking through their hair to the chorus of Mooooooooooom.  I also have dreams about it, almost nightly.  But, moving on.

Here is Porter's kindergarten school picture from last year:

And here is his first grade school picture that I received last week:

Yes, he completely insisted on wearing the same shirt two years in a row, despite my suggestions to the contrary.  I think he looks a little older though. 

We are right in the thick of the holiday insanity right now, and the kids have all week off from school for Thanksgiving.  I so want to enjoy this wonderful time of year with my them, but I've also been stressed, and I've had a bit of a short fuse.  Today Molly hid in a big packing box and colored her face, hands, feet and pants with an orange marker.  She realized this was not something she was going to get away with easily, and tried to sneak out of the room wearing the box over her head.  The orange feet were a dead giveaway though.  I got kind of mad, and she told me that Mama, this makes my heart just hurt.  It's hard to argue with that.

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  1. Wow! I can't believe how big our kiddos are getting. I love that he chose the same shirt for both years. He does look older. Happy Thanksgiving!