Thursday, September 6, 2012

Her Turn

Today was Molly's first day back at preschool this year.  It really wasn't all that momentous of an occasion as she went there last year and knows everyone.  Plus it really is such a warm and cozy place, I'd hang out there if I could.  But it was surely worthy of a front door picture.

She is also back in ballet and swimming lessons.  Which is great, for her and for me.  She is also dead to the world asleep 30 seconds after I put her to bed at 7pm.

Now that I have two mornings a week without the bigs, I can get a few things done.  Today I took Cedar to get her passport.  It is sort of tricky to get a photo of babies and toddlers since you can't really hold them or be behind them at all, and we were out of our element in a back room at the post office.  Three truly lovely postal workers were dancing around behind the camera, but all they managed to do is scare poor Cedar half to death. 

They said all that mattered is that her eyes were open, so I think we're good.  Forlorn looks aside.

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