Wednesday, April 4, 2012

What A Difference Three Weeks Makes

When we left our home three weeks ago, I was waking up the kids for school in the pitch black night.  It was also dark by dinner time, and snow was still falling pretty regularly.

When we returned, although flowers are not yet blooming and the old snow is still in the yard, it was LIGHT.  What seemed to me all of a sudden.  I get to wake the kids up in the morning, with the sun already rising.  And the air feels warm, like we are definitely headed in the right direction.  I know that soon I will be slightly annoyed at the 3am sunlight, but right now, it feels absolutely perfect.  It was a nice way to come home.

Also, Cedar finally started crawling on our trip.  She is a girl on her own schedule, but she is now on the move.  She also has one singular mission in life no matter when you set her down.  And that is to get to the Legos.  Wherever they may be, you will find her hightailing it in that direction.  And then beaming in glee with fists full of mini figure heads and other totally chokable tiny pieces.  She may be Porter's best friend later in life, but right now I have to pull her howling body away from certain death all day long.  Hopefully this is a short lived phase, because it is hard for Porter to keep the one thing he plays with all day every day constantly out of her reach.

And a couple of pictures from our travels.  Look, they are all smiling at once!

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  1. What great pictures of you all! And yay for this crazy awesome spring. It's about damn time.