Friday, December 10, 2010

Round Up

I've had all these things I wanted to post about, and I just feel like time is getting away and I'm not going to make it in any detail any time soon. So to recap...

The other day Molly pulled a dresser down on herself. This is one of those childproofing things you read about in What To Expect When You're Expecting. And you think, oh right, that's awful, I'll totally do that. Except I never really thought about it again. Until, ugh, I was in the bathroom and heard one of those WAY too loud to be good noises. Heard Bryce running up the stairs. Found Molly pinned underneath my toppled over dresser. Scared me half to death. Luckily, she is fine, not even a bruise. It's sort of hard to believe that something that heavy wouldn't hurt her, but she does have a really hard head. And I'm hoping this cures her of the need to climb furniture.

Also, on the topic of Molly and awful things. We finally took away her pacifier. She had only been using it to sleep, but man was she addicted to it. She loved that thing. When we took Porter's away long ago, he had a couple bad nights, but overall it went well. I think it's been almost two weeks now, and she is still screaming when you put her to bed, needing to be rocked to sleep, waking up in the middle of the night (again with the rocking), taking short naps, and generally being over tired and driving me insane. Yikes. I don't want to give her the pacifier back, but this just sucks. Both Bryce and I are sort of regretting this parenting choice. Why did we feel this need to take it away? Why?

Porter's 5th birthday party is on Sunday, and he is way too excited. This is the first time he's had a party with friends, and he knows what it's all about. Which is friendship and camaraderie, right? Ahem.

Tonight the boys are out camping, and after Molly (finally) went to bed, I had a crazy chocolate craving. With which we had nothing to satisfy. I thought about making brownies, but it was already late. And then I remembered this email I got forever ago about chocolate cake you could make in a mug in the microwave in 3 minutes. I googled. It. Was. Awesome. Especially the bottom, where I think all the chocolate chips sunk to. There are a ton of recipes out there, but I went with this.

And now I will leave you with two Santa photo outtakes. There are good ones somewhere, and I will post those soon. But these are really better. The second one was taken at a local newspaper, they were free and the way you access your photo is to go online to their website (where all the Santa photos are posted). So this photo is on the internet forever now. Thanks a lot Capital City Weekly. I figure my dignity is already gone, so I may as well post it here too.

Happy Holidays!


  1. Jessy - you rock for posting those pictures. Why on earth would the photographer snap the picture then? :)

  2. Thank you so much for the laugh this afternoon!