Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Another First

After much, much, much (really it was grossing me out) wiggling, Porter finally lost his first tooth.  It made me laugh how small it looked on the outside of his mouth.  And he was proud.  And excited.  The tooth fairy made her obligatory visit, although I suspect he already knows that she isn't real and that this is all a game made up by us.  It's a fun game though, and he seems willing to play along.

Unfortunately all the excitement has been a little bit diminished by the fact that Porter has some dental issues.  He has what is called a shark tooth.  It's where the adult tooth came in behind the baby one before it even fell out (hence two rows of teeth).  You can see in his proud picture that other tooth back there. (They get a special sticker at school for a lost tooth, and I had to tell Porter he might have some explaining to do)  According to our dentist it isn't uncommon, but it presents, in Porter's case at least, a crowding situation.  Boring details, but it means that in the spring they are going to have to knock him out and pull out the other three of his bottom front baby teeth.  I know it'll be fine, but geez.  Poor guy.  It's going to be dang hard to eat an apple.  

In other news, Molly came running to tell me this morning that "the pink sunshine was falling on the mountains."  And indeed it was.  It's all in the little things.


  1. I'm stealing Molly's quote for my next book!

  2. Keira had the shark teeth going on as well with those two bottom teeth. They were loose forever and didn't actually fall out, she knocked them both out. The first by running into a metal tag on my purse at full speed and the 2nd on Devin's wedding day by falling off the couch and hitting her mouth on the coffee table. I will say that those two were straight, but she has already lost the two beside them and they have both come in at an angle. Her ped said they looked crowded. I guess I need to start a braces fund now. She was eating corn on the cob at school the other day and one of her top teeth got loose. I'm so sad. I hate those big horse teeth that come in when they are still so small. I'm not ready for her to look grown up yet.